With the COVID-19 pandemic and the cancellation of Craft shows and exhibitions, the future has become uncertain for many Craftsmen.

To support them during these challenging times we are promoting a different Craftsman each day.

Rogan Brown

16th June 2020 – #careforthecrafters – Today’s ‘Maker of the Day’ is  – artist Rogan Brown

You cannot help but be amazed by the paper sculptures of Rogan Brown.  Inspired by the natural world and science .  Handcut paper microbes, bacteria, cells dividing and interconnecting neurons are some of the wonderful artworks that he painstaking creates.

You can see more of Rogan’s work at www.roganbrown.com

Susanna Bauer

11th June 2020 – #careforthecrafters – Today’s ‘Maker of the Day’ is  – artist Susanna Bauer

I was mesmerised when I first saw Susanna’s leaf sculptures.  With leaves so small and fragile the work she produces seems beyond belief. Susanna uses crochet not only as an embellishment but as a way to construct and build her miniature sculptures. 

You can see more of Susanna’s work at www.susannabauer.com

Photography by Art Photographers.co.uk

Peter Ting

29th May 2020 – #careforthecrafters – Today’s ‘Maker of the Day’ is  – ceramic designer Peter Ting

After discovering his work in @craftsmagazine I couldn’t wait to see his to see his work at Collect in 2108. The porcelain cup and plate, made in collaboration with Chen Wei, has exquisite tiny Buddha’s hands, an innovation for this traditional material.  Along with his porcelain roses, a collaboration with Zha Caiduan, his work is now part of a permanent collection at the V&A 

You can see more of Peters work at his gallery  www.ting-ying.com

Elliot Walker

28th May 2020 – #careforthecrafters – Today’s ‘Maker of the Day’ is  – glass artist Elliot Walker

Elliot is inspired by the subject of still life.  Creating classical themes in a breathtakingly stunning displays of contemporary sculpted glass.

You can see more of Elliot’s work at www.ewalkerglassart.co.uk

Daan Oude Elferink

27th May 2020 – #careforthecrafters – ‘Maker of the Day’ is  -Daan Oude Elferink

Dutch photographer Daan Oude Elferink travels the world to explore and capture the beauty of forbidden, decayed and abandoned places.

He takes you behind the no entry signs to Beautiful villas, still fully furnished.  Hospitals with patient files scattered in the hallways. Theatres and ballrooms, now empty of laughter. Castles where the family photo album still sits on the bookshelf.

 On first glance you may see a pile of mouldy debris, but look at it with different eyes and you’ll find a breathtaking beauty.

You can see more of Daan’s work at www.daanoe.com 

Ane Christensen

26th May 2020 – #careforthecrafters – ‘Maker of the Day’ is  -Ane Christensen

Today’s maker is Ane Christensen.

Ane’s work begins with the simple geometry of bowl forms and flat sheet.  She often include metal wire, used like three-dimensional line drawing in space.  Applying traditional techniques such as hand piercing, drilling and soldering.

You can see more of Ane’s work at www.anechristensen.com

Lara Scobie

22nd May 2020 – #careforthecrafters – ‘Maker of the Day’ is  -Lara Scobie

Today’s maker is Lara Scobie.

Lara’s work is made in her studio at The Adam Pottery in Edinburgh. Each piece is individually made in Fine Parian Clay and hand decorated using a combination of inlay and sgraffito drawing.

You can see more of Lara’s work at www.larascobie-ceramics.com

Jonathan Rogers

21st May 2020 – #careforthecrafters – ‘Maker of the Day’ is  – Jonathan Rogers

Jonathan uses traditional blowing and finishing techniques and his work features multiple overlays of colour and clear glass, which are revealed through the cold-working process. Jonathan creates glass with an elegant simplicity of form.

You can see more of Jonathan’s work at www.jonathanrogers.co.uk

Marcin Rusak

20th May 2020 – #careforthecrafters – ‘Maker of the Day’ is  – Marcin Rusak

Marcin Rusak is a craftsman that combines beautiful art with furniture to create stunning statement pieces.

Using flowers as a material, Marcin had to find a way to preserve them in the resin.  Working together with a scientist, Marcin found a way to inject flowers with bacteria, in order to transform them into aged material. 

You can see more of Marcin’s work at www.marcinrusak.com

Dan Morrison

19th May 2020 – #careforthecrafters – ‘Maker of the Day’ is  – Dan Morrison from Blott Works

Dan Morrison combines artistry with engineering to create his intriguing sculptures.  With beautiful form combining a mixture of industrial and natural materials, his creations are guaranteed to make you smile.

you can see more of Dan’s work at  www.blottworks.com

Rachel Nettles

18th May 2020 – #careforthecrafters – ‘Maker of the Day’ is  – Rachel Nettles from Cabbages & Nettles

Rachel creates her sculptures by turning everyday vegetables into one-off pieces of art.

Classically-trained fine artist Rachel Nettles uses her specialist skills at machine and hand-stitched textile embroidery to create these amazing material sculptures of vegetables.  

You can see more of Rachels work at www.cabbagesandnettles.com 

Photography by Christopher Doyle Photography

Alex O’Connor

15th May 2020 – #careforthecrafters – ‘Maker of the Day’ is  – Silversmith – Alex O’Connor

Alex is an artist that creates a beautiful simplicity and purity in her designs.  Alex gives her silver creations a delicacy and surface texture that makes you long to touch them.

You can see more of Alex’s work at www.alexoconnorsilver.co.uk

Photography by Paul Mounsey

Matt Gilbert – Animaro Designs

14th May 2020 – #careforthecrafters – ‘Maker of the Day’ is  – Matt Gilbert

Matt Gilbert produces Kinetic Designs. The Solstice Clock below changes shape throughout the day and turns the passing of time into a work of art.

You can see more of Matt’s work at www.animarodesign.com

Animaro Design - Style&Co #careforthecrafters

Helen Slater

13th May 2020 – #careforthecrafters – ‘Maker of the Day’ is  – Helen Slater

Helen creates these beautiful unique glass artworks.  Inspired by the landscape and changing environments.  Helen uses powdered glass to create the delicate illustrations inside her cast glass panels. 

You can see more of Helen’s work at www.helenslaterglass.co.uk

Simone Webb

12th May 2020 – #careforthecrafters – ‘Maker of the Day’ is  – Simone Webb

Simone Webb is an artist that creates beautiful original artwork and limited edition prints.  Simone adds painterly gestures to flora and fauna – that bloom and decay, suspended in space and time.

You can see more of Simone’s work at  www.simonewebb.com

Fenella Elms

11th May 2020 – #careforthecrafters – ‘Maker of the Day’ is  – Fenella Elms

Fenella uses porcelain slip to cast the elements of her design before building into beautiful textured artworks.  She creates repetitive flowing forms in harmonious colours.  Giving porcelain a deceptively soft tactile appearance that is intriguing.  

You can see more  Fenella’s work at www.fenellaelms.com

Martin Smith

7th May 2020 – #careforthecrafters – ‘Maker of the Day’ is  – Martin Smith

Well it’s Thursday – so what better maker to promote than the master of Automata – Martin Smith with his Applause machine.  Martin’s clever clockwork inventions always make me smile.  

You can see more  Martin’s work at www.smithautomata.co.uk

Martin Smith Style&Co #careforthecrafters

Tim Rawlinson

6th May 2020 – #careforthecrafters – ‘Maker of the Day’ is  – Glass Artist – Tim Rawlinson

I love the beautiful colours of Tim’s work and can never help but be drawn to them at exhibitions.  The refractive qualities of glass in Tim’s pieces, create optical effects, shadows and reflections.  Creating an architectural rainbow of light and colour.

You can see more  Tims work at www.londonglassblowing.co.uk/artist/tim-rawlinson

Photography by Ester Segarra

Bad Dog  Designs

5th May 2020 – #careforthecrafters – ‘Maker of the Day’ is  – Paul Parry of Bad Dog Designs

A Nixie tube is a device created in the 1950’s to display numbers, before the invention of the LED. A wonderful warm neon glow that will last in excess of 20 years and has a vintage charm all of its own. Paul Parry uses these tubes to make unique and unusual clocks and art pieces.

You can see more  Bad Dog Designs work at www.bad-dog-designs.co.uk

Louis Jobst

4th May 2020 – #careforthecrafters – ‘Maker of the Day’ is  – Louis Jobst

I love these lighting designs by Louis.  The influence of his architectural background is reflected in his designs.  His shapes are geometrical with precise angles and curves. He builds the Architecture of his lighting with arches, columns and monoliths.

You can see more of Louis’s work at www.louisjobst.com

Anna Gravelle

2nd May 2020 – #careforthecrafters – ‘Maker of the Day’ is – Textile Artist – Anna Gravelle

Working within craft and digital processes, Anna creates luxurious textile artworks alongside interior furnishing fabrics and accessories that combine print and exquisite surface embellishment.

You can see more of Anna’s work at www.annagravelle.com

Photography by Article Studio 

Angie Parker

1st May 2020 – #careforthecrafters – maker of the Day is – Weaver – Angie Parker

Angie Parker is an award winning weaver of textiles. Her distinctive and intricate floor art and fabric creations are hand-woven using long established patterns, such as Krokbragd, which she combines with her instinctive and daring approach to colour.

You can see more of Angie’s work at www.angieparkertextiles.com .

Jacky Puzey

30th April 2020 – #careforthecrafters – maker of the Day is – Textile Designer – Jacky Puzey

Jacky is an amazing textile artist creating upholstery that is breathtakingly beautiful.  When I first came across her designs at Decorex I was totally awestruck.  Combining velvets with embroidery, feathers and fabrics, she creates furniture that becomes a work of art. 

You can see more of her work at www.jackypuzey.com

Photography by Jo Hounscombe

Vanessa Hogge

29th April 2020 – #careforthecrafters – maker of the Day is – Ceramic Artist – Vanessa Hogge

Vanessa creates these beautiful porcelain wall hangings and vessels. She painstakingly sculpts each petal and anther by hand so that no two flowers are identical.

See more of Vanessa’s work at www.vanessahogge.com

Sally Burnett

28th April 2020 – #careforthecrafters – maker of the Day is – Wood Designer – Sally Burnett

Sally creates exquisite lathe turned vessels which she carves and sculpts in timber from native english trees.  Each piece is a unique work of art.

See more of Sally’s work at www.sallyburnett.co.uk

Olivia Walker

27th April 2020 – #careforthecrafters – maker of the Day is Ceramic Artist – Olivia Walker

Olivia hand throws her beautiful vessels in porcelain, before deconstructing their perfect form and applying shards of porcelain.  Creating these wonderful organic sculptural forms.

See more of Olivia work at www.oliviawalker.co.uk

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