Style and Co Contemporary Curves mood board

‘Celeste’ by Laura Bohinc

It’s not that often a Console/Dressing Table takes centre stage.  But the ‘Celeste’ Console by Lara Bohnic at Bohnic Studios has been widely featured in the magazine edits.  I’m not surprised, as it’s a pretty stunning.  The unusual finish is a blue/green verdigris patinated copper.   I have never lusted after a dressing table before – but this would definitely make it onto my wish-list.

This designer has hits this years trends of both curves and linear design.  But apart from that, her work is so unique that I can see it become an iconic design of the future.  I also have to show you the Lunar chair by Lara Bohnic . This collection is inspired by planetary and Lunar orbit. With two enveloping crescents for armrests and a smaller backrest which, like a moon, circles its planet on an orbit of its own.  Not sure about comfort, but for design appeal it’s pretty celestial!

Lara Bohnic Dressing table
Lara Bohnic Chair

The Wallpaper

After trying a lot of options for the wallpaper, I thought it would be interesting to go for a Mural.  I have often spotted this watercolour design on Pinterest and was curious to see how it would look.  I found this Teal watercolour mural on Muralswallpaper – and its called ‘Rush’.   When choosing such a bold design I find it’s best to keep the room quite minimal.  Just a few well chosen accessories work best.

I must show you some of the other designs I considered.  There was so much choice and I did have to try them all out to