Stuart Akroyd

Stuart Akroyd has been making glass for over 25 years now.  I was lucky enough to catch his latest collection at The London Design Festival and what an amazing display of colour and elegant design.  From illuminated glass sculptures to the more functional contemporary pieces, these are items that you would covert for their aesthetics alone.

It’s hardly surprising that in 1999 Neues Glas Review selected one of Stuart’s one-off forms in their best 100 pieces of glass made in the world that year.

Stuart moved to Nottingham in 2000 and expanded his studio, giving him the chance to take his work in a new direction, adapting  traditional Venetian techniques and expanding the physical possibilities of how glass could be worked.  Stuart has always found inspiration from nature; his use of vibrant colours and rhythmic patterns echo the flora and fauna of the ocean. His most recent design projects are wall mounted sculptures reflecting the appearance of deep sea creatures.

To contact Stuart Akroyd and see more of his designs visit his website

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