Joseph Walsh

Joseph-Walsh- Enignum Collection

Enignum Collection – Photo credit Andrew Bradley

Joseph Walsh is a self-taught Irish designer and architect.  Joseph founded his studio in Ireland in 1999 and with the phenomenal success of his works, he now has a team of master craftsmen.  The works I have seen are so aesthetically beautiful that they take my breath away.

A stunning 6m high bed created for the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, at Chatsworth House – amazing!  It’s not surprising that he needs a team of master makers and design technicians, to resolve and craft his unique, sculptural designs. 

Joseph is represented by Sarah Myerscough Gallery .  I was totally entranced at discovering his Enignum collection featuring at Collect 2018 at The Saatchi Gallery .

This designer exhibits extensively around the world and has work in many public and private collections in Europe, The United States and Japan.  


In the Enignum series of workJoseph has stripped wood into thin layers, manipulating and reconstructing them into free form compositions.  He then shapes these layers to reveal not only the honesty of the structure but the sculpted form, which is a unique collaboration of man and material.