Marcin Rusak Studio

Artist in the Spotlight  -  MARCIN RUSAK Detail of Floral table -  Photography courtesy of Marcin Rusak Studio  The Craftsman You may be forgiven for thinking this beautiful image is a still life painting by the Dutch masters of the 16th century .  However, look again and you can see real flowers frozen in time, suspended in resin.  Their beauty preserved. The talented craftsman that has created this process is Polish designer Marcin Rusak.  A craftsman that combines beautiful art, with furniture.  To create stunning statement pieces.  For each design, he selects and arranges blooms and foliage from his floral library.  Each piece of work is completely unique.   It's not surprising that this man is taking the collectors world by storm. Flora Table -  Photography courtesy of Marcin Rusak Studio  Marcin studied [...]