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Style&Co - Zen Blossom Mood Board

Plum Blossom Cabinet – Kevin Stamper |  The ‘V’ Lamp – Louis Jobst |  Stacking vase – Pia Wustenberg |  Glass Fruit sculpture – Nick Mount |  Sofa Bed – Calvers + Suvdal | Chloe Marble side tables – Perch and Parrow |  Nala Seagrass woven stool – Habitat |  Grey cushion – Linum |  Pink cushion – Zara Home  |  Paint – Farrow and Ball

The Inspiration

Kevin Stamper

Our Zen Blossom mood board is inspired by the Plum Blossom collection of craftsman Kevin Stamper.  Kevin’s designs are inspired by his water colour paintings.  He pixelates the images and reconstructs them in squares of hand-dyed sycamore veneer.
I first discovered the Plum Blossom cabinet at The Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design exhibition.  I was totally amazed, I had never before seen furniture that was such a work of art.  His furniture makes you want to look inside, where the finish is more beautiful veneer and attention to detail.  You can follow this link to meet Kevin Stamper and see more of his work on our Craftsmen pages.

If you notice I am not using any other pattern in the mood board.  As the furniture also becomes an artwork in its self –  I did not want to detract from the design.  Adding pattern or Art work could make the scheme look fussy.  The lines are kept the clean with only the added a busy decorative element being the Plum Blossom stem.

Kevin Stamper - Plumb Blossom Cabinet

Photo credit – CR2 Studios

Kevin Stamper - Plum Blossom cabinet interior

Photo credit – CR2 Studios

Kevin Stamper - Plum Blossom Tables

Photo credit – CR2 Studios

The Lighting

Louis Jobst

Lois Jobst 'V' Lamp

The beautiful lighting is by designer Louis Jobst.  Louis, initially trained as an Architect and the influence of this background can be seen in his work.  His work is inspired by both functioning and sculptural forms.  I love the simple geometric form and balance of design in the ‘V’ Lamp.  Made from London Plane hardwood, glass and brass.  The wood he finishes in a black wax and the patina of the brass shade he achieves with Bees wax.

The Glass Artists

Pia Wurstenberg

Pia Wustenberg - vase
Pia Wustenberg

This beautiful glass ware is by Pia Wustenberg

She creates glassware in beautiful translucent colour.  Pia works from a studio in North Germany.  Her designs are inspired by nature, imperfections and uniqueness. She creates a wide range of glass forms and stacking vessels.  Different elements are combined in her sculptural forms.  Wood, stone, ceramics and metals all combine in her designs.

Pia’s design company Utopia & Utility focuses on craft manufacturing, combining function and fantasy in objects that are handmade.

Nick Mount

Nick Mount - still life fruit

My second glass designer is one of Australia’s most accomplished studio glass artists Nick Mount.  Using traditional Venetian techniques to create his imagined fruit-like forms.  These beautiful blown glass shapes have a very tactile quality.  He hand carves stems from wood and his still life creations are often displayed on wooden platters.

Nick is approaching his fifth decade working in the field and now teaches at glass centres around the world.  To find out more about Nick and see more of his work visit The London Glass Blowing Centre

Sofa Bed

Calvers + Suvdal Sofa Bed

This Sofa Bed by Calvers +Suvdal fitted perfectly with the Zen theme.  Simple lines and styling are the best option to go for with this look.  There were three colour options that I considered for this board, as the sofa bed also comes in grey and a deeper pink.  But going for a calmer blossomy feel, I decided on the pale blush pink.

The addition of silk cushions to the sofa adds a note of oriental design.

The side tables

Chloe Marble side table Perch and Parrow

These simple and elegant side tables form Perch and Parrow echo the clean lines of the design.  The warm metal and marble top give a contrast to the Cabinet.  Mixing the different element of wood, marble and metal in furniture can work well together if the styling is similar and make a room more interesting.  Keeping to a similar angular style with the furniture creates a cohesive style.

The Floor Stool

Habitat - Nala seagrass floor stool

This Seagrass floor stool from Habitat adds to the Japanese theme with low seating.  I like the contrast of the round seat amongst all the angular furniture and seating.

Walls and Floor

Farrow and Ball Carmine

Farrow & Ball – Calamine

Farrow and Ball Parma Grey

Farrow & Ball – Parma Grey

Farrow and Ball White Tie

Farrow & Ball – White Tie

For the walls I have chosen colours from the Farrow & Ball Collection

The floor I have chosen Bamboo to give an oriental feel but if you prefer a light coloured wood will give a similar effect.

Finally, if you want to create your own Zen Style.  It is based around minimalism.  It’s pale calming colours, clean lines, geometric smooth shapes.  With a stem of Japanese blossom to give that understated oriental style.

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