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Artist in the Spotlight   –   SIMONE WEBB

Opulent Milenieu - Simone Webb - Style&Co Blog

Fecundity III   Print on Aluminium hand finished with Copper Leaf   85cm x 108cm

Image courtesy of Simone Webb

The Artist

Introducing a contemporary artist whose work I find breathtakingly beautiful – Simone Webb.

Simone studied Fine Art and Graphic Design in Oxfordshire before setting up her studio in Buckinghamshire.  She has created a beautiful collection based on Flora and Forna.  Which she has given her own unique style.

Simone is fast gaining a reputation as a collectable artist and has exhibited worldwide, including London, San Fransisco and Hong Kong.

Grace I - Simone Webb - Style&Co Blog

Grace II  – Limited Edition of 20   46cm x 56 cm

 Image courtesy of Simone Webb

The Work

Simone describes her work as ‘ juxtaposing the beautiful with the morbid.  Creating euphoric moments emerging from stark backgrounds.  Graced with fragile flowers to instances of despondency.’

Photographic prints are painted with acrylics or digitally and the resulting image re-photographed.  Other embellishments to the prints may include gold and copper leaf.   Which is applied after the final printing process.

Allied in Nature -Simone Webb

Allied in Nature II   Limited Edition of 10   60cmx 70cm

Image courtesy of Simone Webb

Allied in Nature -Simone Webb

Allied in Nature I & Allied in Nature III   Limited Edition of 10   60cmx 70cm

Image courtesy of Simone Webb

I love the way that Simone’s contemporary art challenges the concept of the traditional floral image and still life.  Her blooms emerge from stark backgrounds.  The beautiful photographic detail of the petals reveal a perfect bloom at it’s pinnacle of perfection.  To this she adds painterly gestures.  Showing the inevitability of passing of time.  Beautiful flowers suspended in space as they bloom and decay.

Whilst we often only get to view a fleeting moment of nature, she aims to create something of more permanence that can be observed at any given time. 

Grace II Simone Webb - Style&Co Blog

Grace II   Limited edition of 20  46cm x 56cm

 Image courtesy of Simone Webb

Simone Webb - Glistening Decay

Glistening Decay          

Image courtesy of Simone Webb

Opulent Milieu - Simone Webb

Opulent Milieu

 Image courtesy of Simone Webb

Glistening Decay - Simone Webb - Style&Co Blog

Glistening Decay  Limited Edition of 5     75cmx100cm

 Image courtesy of Simone Webb

Opulent Milieu - Simone Webb - Style&Co Blog

Opulent Milieu   Giclée print hand finished with 24k Gold Leaf    65cm x 85cm    

Image courtesy of Simone Webb

… and finally

As contemporary art, I feel that Simone’s collection reflects how we are moving forward into a digital world.  Frequently we are seeing  fine art being created  digitally.  Now, all photography is being enhanced and manipulated to achieve a perfect image. The lines between photography and art are becoming blurred.   You see artists painting photographic images and photographers emulating painted images.

  Simone Webb has a process of combining the new with the traditional.  Creating exquisite, mixed media, designs.  Her work is a new art-form that it is hard to dispute, creates very beautiful images.

You can see more of Simone’s work and prints and originals that are available at

Simone is also represented by


Art Pistol Gallery

The Contemporary London

Curious Duke Gallery

Curated by Amar Gallery

Gas Gallery

Orso Major Gallery

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