Kevin Stamper

Is it Furniture or is it Art ?

Style&Co - Kevin Stamper

If you have followed my last two mood boards you may have noticed the same furniture designer featured.  I must admit, I do love great furniture design and understated elegance. So, it’s not surprising, that one of my favourite designers is Kevin Stamper.

I first discovered Kevin Stamper’s amazing work at The Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design Exhibition.  I was spellbound by the beauty of the Plum Blossom Cabinet – it was love at first sight.  Never before had I seen furniture that was also a beautiful work of art.  I was so intrigued to see more of his work.  It’s Kevin’s exciting use of colour that sets him apart from other furniture makers.  So rarely is this seen in furniture.  Hand-dyed veneer that allows the beauty of the wood to shine through.

Plum Blossom